Friday, March 24, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Party Hoarders' Edition

Well, it's been a few years but Lori Anderson has put together another great bead swap/blog hop.  This time it's not only blogs but Pinterest, if you don't have one.  This one is a totally different concept from the others.  Rather than finding out what our partner liked or disliked, we were told to get out our hoards and choose something that we've held onto for some time and have it ready to go before we even knew who our partner was😊  You would think this would be easier but some of us (ok, I) hoard almost all my beads.  Picking something out was going to be difficult.

I was a day late sending mine out to my partner, Donna Marie Hanna, who you should visit as well.  Donna turned out to be a fellow procrastinator so I didn't have to feel too guilty.

Here is what I received with a wonderful note explaining why the beads were special. 

I love the cigar box which is from her mother's collection, both the turquoise and coral beads were picked out with family members and so, are not just beads but memories.  I have not yet been able to use the coral beads but plan on doing so.

I contemplated the beads for weeks and, as you might suspect due to my procrastination comment, had to take a PTO day on Thursday to finally turn those thoughts into a piece of jewelry.  I like it, it turned out to match the picture in my head almost exactly.  However, since the first try worked out, my backup earrings plan needed more turquoise so I will have to search through my own hoard to finish off some other things.  In the meantime, here is the main piece.   I don't have a mannequin, so I had to make due with the back of a chair.                                                                                               

Now hop back to Lori's blog for the full list of participants and spend some time checking out all of the pretties.